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Welcome to the Nstbrowser documentation.

Here, you can find all the tutorials to help you get started using the Fingerprint Browser, SDK, and API seamlessly!

What is Nstbrowser?

Nstbrowser is a professional account management tool that provides each account with an independent fingerprint browser isolation profile, saving account profile costs. We mainly offer the following functionalities:

  • Batch profile management
  • Automatic setup of browser-independent fingerprints
  • Syncer: Browser multi-window sync operations
  • Automation script creation, and automation script marketplace
  • API integration: Developers can make functional calls through the official API interface
  • Employee management, team collaboration features, supporting multi-user collaborative use
  • Support for mainstream proxies

What can you find here?

This documentation is divided into three main sections: Fingerprint Browser, API Reference, and SDK. Here's a brief overview of each section:

  • Fingerprint Browser: This section provides guidance on how to use the fingerprint browser functionality. It covers setting up and configuring the fingerprint browser, creating and managing independent fingerprint browser profiles, protecting personal privacy and security, preventing cross-account tracking, and applying best practices when using the fingerprint browser.

  • API Reference: The API reference section is a comprehensive guide to the tool's application programming interface (API). It provides detailed documentation on available API endpoints, methods, parameters, and response formats. Developers can refer to this section to learn how to interact with the tool programmatically, make functional calls, and retrieve relevant data. It also includes examples and code snippets to help developers effectively implement API integrations.

  • SDK (Software Development Kit): The SDK section primarily provides resources for developers who wish to integrate the tool's functionality into their own applications or systems. It includes tutorials, documentation, and code examples to guide developers through the installation, configuration, and use of the SDK.

Contact Information

  • For more questions, you can also check our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
  • We also encourage you to contact us for assistance via [email protected] or our 24/7 online customer support. We will strive to answer your questions as quickly as possible.